These tiny plush look super sweet. | Source: Disney

Nothing’s sweeter than Disney‘s new Munchlings plush collection! 

Combining candy, pastries, and frozen treats with beloved Disney characters, the Munchlings are a magical addition to any child’s toy box inspired by the beloved Main Street Bakery in the Disney Parks. 

Each collectible plush is themed around a specific Disney character — such as Stitch, Baymax, or Mickey Mouse — who has been blended with a dessert. Each plush is also scented to match that treat. For example, Eeyore’s blue mentality is perfectly matched with a blueberry muffin shape and scent. The Muchlings line will launch with three collections: Sweet Treats, Baked Treats, and Frozen Treats.

Those with a taste for the dark side of Disney characters will love the Frozen Treats collection, which turns favorite villains from Hercules, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Sleeping Beauty into cool snacks that will warm your heart. The Sweet Treats and Baked Treats plush offer candy- and baked-goods-inspired characters, respectively.

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The 5-inch Disney Munchlings will only be available in blind bags for $16.99. For extra squish value, 15-inch versions of the plushes will be available for $34.99. Special drops and collaborations outside this initial collection will be on sale later for $19.99. 

Designed for babies and kids of all ages (and even kids at heart), these sweet-smelling friends will debut at the D23 Expo Marketplace and on starting tomorrow, Sept. 9. If you’re visiting the Disney parks, the Munchlings will arrive at Disneyland on Sept. 12 and at Walt Disney World Resort later this month.

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