The cuddliest new dragons to snuggle this summer | Source: Douglas Co./the Toy Insider

You can never have enough dragons!

Plush toy company Douglas Co. is unleashing new upscale friends this summer, including three cuddly dragons. 

Ronin the Dragon ($44.95) brings together enchantment and regality in a plush, laying-down position. It has deep maroon-colored fur with navy blue wings, spikes, and claws, all in a velvety microfiber material. It measures 27 inches when uncurled and has bright golden eyes.

Draco the Dragon ($35.95) is colored in shades of gold, gray-brown, and cream. The 23-inch plush dragon is textured to represent a scale-like appearance, although its inner wings, hooves, horns, and crest feature smooth metallic gold. Stuffed with polyester fill, Draco can stand up tall on his own for display.

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Sootie the Dragon ($12.95-19.95) is the newest member of Douglas Co.’s “Softs” line. She has round features, charcoal-gray fur, and piercing blue eyes. The undersides of Sootie’s light gray wings are also velvet textured. The plush dragon comes in both 9-inch and 6-inch sitting styles. 

Douglas Co.’s newest dragons are suitable for kids ages 3 and up. Look for them now in specialty gift and toy stores, along with on the Douglas Co. website.

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