These new plush characters are irresistibly cute versions of animals and mythical creatures! | Source: Douglas/The Toy Insider

Douglas is known for its huge collection of adorable animals and these additions are no exception. Whether a kid wants a little buddy from the jungle or something more mythical, these new releases will have them covered!

Kids can enjoy their forest favorites with the new Woodland animals. Andie the Owl is a cute gray owl with tufts of white. Wendy the Osprey is also bringing some bird sass, with her many feathers, ivory neck, and talons. Spunky the Hedgehog with the Birthday Hat is celebrating his birthday as a popular Douglas plush character. Finally, Ozzy the Possum is so cute and fluffy no kid can resist his charms, even if he’s playing dead.

Ozzy the Possum is 13 inches of fun. | Source: Douglas

For even more forest fun, kids can head deeper into the wilderness, all the way to the jungle. Romie the Tiger is full of floppy fun so kids can pose him however they like. Kira the Kangaroo comes with a Joey Finger Puppet that she can keep safe in her pouch. Quinn the Quokka is all smiles and fluff with nice brown fur. Jessie the Giraffe has the classic long neck and is a lovely golden brown and cream color.

Jessie the Giraffe is 10 inches tall, floppy, and soft. | Source: Douglas

If a kid would like a little less tree coverage, they can head to the prairie for the On the Range plush. Tenton the Bighorn Sheep has thick brown fur and curled horns. Vilkas the Black Wolf will charm anyone with his golden eyes. Montana the Wolf can also join the pack with his brown fur and white underbelly. Rudie the Racoon is so charming kids won’t mind if he wants to go through the trash. Cubby the Bear is as cute as a real black bear, but more cuddly! Howls the Coyote has brown and white fur and is ready to accompany on any prairie adventures. 

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Howls the Coyote is ready to join the pack. | Source: Douglas

An even further journey will take kids to the world of the mythical. The new Dragons and Unicorns collection is absolute magic for little knights ready for a quest. Deuce the Two-Headed Dragon is olive-gold and has two heads for double the friendship. Lukie the White Dragon is soft with gold metallic wings. Hallie the Unicorn is a Douglas Mini Soft at just 6 inches tall and features an almost tie-dye pink coat. Bonnie the Ice Blue Unicorn is also a Mini Soft and features a beautiful blue color with a white mane. Lexie the Pink Unicorn is floppy and fun with her white mane and pink color. Anita the Rainbow Unicorn is for any kids that can’t pick a favorite color with her pastel rainbow vibes. Vega the Unicorn completes the new set with white fur, a white mane, and a special embroidered star on her backside.

For even more cuddly fun while kids wait for the newest plush pals, the Douglas website already has tons of collections to choose from. We’ve told you about some new spring releases before, and those bunnies and other little buddies are now available over at Douglas. There’s even a version of Spunky Hedgehog with a flower headband!

Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, these plush toys are available on the Douglas website as well as specialty gift and toy stores. This newest round of plush toys is expected this spring, so kids should keep their eyes peeled for their favorite new bedtime friend!

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