Whether it is riding a bike path near the beach or heading to a backyard barbecue in the neighborhood, kids can ride with the 12-inch Bluey Kids Bike from Dynacraft.

While kids don’t necessarily need a character bike, having a Bluey-themed bike makes it more enticing for younger kids to start riding. Having character-themed bikes gets kiddos motivated to learn how to ride. Plus, it reduces the fear of learning to bike if they see their favorite character on the wheels!

This Bluey Kids Bike has a bright blue, green, and orange color scheme and custom Bluey graphics. The graphics feature Bluey and her little sister Bingo on the handlebar shield, frame, and chainguard. Additionally, a blue and white star pattern on the handlebar grips and training wheels helps transport young riders to the imaginative world of Bluey. All in all, kids will love the vibrant colors, and parents will appreciate the visibility factor.

Like other rides designed for this size and age range, the Bluey bike has coaster brakes — which means kids pedal backward to stop, making it easier for them to coordinate and control and control the bike. It also comes with training wheels to help kids transition from three-wheeler cycles to a two-wheel bike. Once these pint-size Bluey fans have the hang of balancing their bike, grownups can remove the training wheels!

A little parenting tip is to note that the 12-inch bike references the wheel size. Typically, a bike this size is the best size for 2-3 year olds. However, since kids develop and grow differently, a 12-inch bike works best for kids with an inseam of 15-18 inches and a height between 36-39 inches to help you gauge the best bike size.

Some fun games to encourage riding as well as bike skills is to play Bike Balance Beam or Penny Obstacle Course. Grab a piece of chalk for the Bike Balance Beam Game and draw a straight like on a sidewalk or paved driveway. Then, have your kiddo bike along the line to help them develop a variety of skills! For the Penny Obstacles challenge, place empty cans, cups, or jars around your bike area. Number each container, and use chalk to lay a path on the pavement. Have your Bluey fan hold as many pennies as they can. Then challenge them to follow the path and drop a penny in each container. This will help them improve their bike handling and braking skills. Alternatively, use penny candy and let them keep what falls in the container as a reward!

Lastly, to get the whole family exploring their town or city on their bikes, tap into online games and go on a treasure hunt! Use Pokémon GO or Geocaching locators to find hidden gems in your neighborhood when riding around.

This vibrant Bluey Kids Bike from Dynacraft gets little riders exploring, learning, and riding for a lifetime!


This 12-inch bike features a bright blue, green, and orange color scheme and is loaded with Bluey-inspired graphics. Kids can learn to ride with the removable training wheels and easy-to-use coaster brakes.

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