With Easter around the corner and many family members not traveling (or even leaving their homes), many will need to celebrate Easter differently this year, but different can be just ass egg-citing. Here are some ideas to make your Easter egg-stra special.

Fun Easter Themed Things to Do at Home

Zoom Backgrounds

One fun way to connect with family is through Zoom. You can have many people on the virtual call letting everyone join for a screen celebration or to watch the kids do their egg hunts. Make it festive with some cute Easter-themed virtual backdrops! Use the Easter-themed Zoom background above, and consider keeping Zoom open during dinner so everyone can eat together.

Egg Crafts 

Get into the Easter spirit with fun spring-themed crafts. Perhaps it’s doing fun activities and egg experiments with Just Add Egg from Griddly Games.

Just Add Egg has everything you except the egg. Once you add the egg, make five different egg-speriments and seven different art egg-tivities for egg-cellent fun for the whole family.

The Eggmazing Egg Decorator by HBHP lets you decorate eggs with ease. Place a hard-boiled egg into the machine and turn it on. The device holds and spins the eggs. As the egg spins, you hold one of the eight included markers on the egg and create stripes, lines, and other fun designs. Use the decorated egg for egg games, egg decor, or just have fun eating your creation!

A simple, fun activity is to make your own Easter-themed stamps! Grab scissors, a pen, a couple of new sponges, some paper plates, and colorful paints. Cut the sponge into an egg shape or Easter bunny shape. Then dip one flat side of the sponge into the paint on a plate. Then stamp it onto another plate, construction paper or poster board to create a fun Easter art piece!

Easter-themed Activities

Sometimes, the simple things are the most fun. Make sugar cookies out of easter themed cut-outs. Have fun decorating them and, of course, eating them. Reuse the cookie cutters and cut out sandwiches into bunny shapes for a fun lunch for kids.

If you don’t want to bake cookies, try one of these no-bake Easter treats you can make in a hurry.

Have the kids plan a play or puppet show! They can create a scene, set up costumes, write their lines and then give a performance! Perhaps invite friends and family to watch via Facetime, Skype, or Zoom!

If you want something more low-key for an Easter-at-Home activity, watch an Easter themed movie. There are lots on TV or streaming from popular apps right now. Pop some popcorn and sit down as a family.

Take your Easter fun to the driveway. Grab a set of spring-themed chalk, like these Crayola chalk pieces in the shape of eggs! Have the kids draw fun themed chalk-art to send via email to family and friends. Or have them make a giant chalk drawing of an Easter basket or Easter bunny and have them pose in the basket or holding the hand of the easter bunny for fun portrait chalk art!

Easter-Themed Games 

Playing spring- or Easter-themed games is a great way to get into the spirit and brings the immediate family together when they are unable to be with extended family.

A fun one that you can print out home is Easter Bingo, using this themed bingo sheet! Use jelly beans to place the markers and see who wins! Have some fun little prizes for the winners!

fun easter things to do at home

Another idea is to use the plastic eggs you may already have. On the top half of the plastic egg, place a capital “B,” and on the lower half of the egg have a lower case “b.” Separate the two parts and mix them up. Then have the kids try to match the lower case letter egg half to the upper case letter egg half. For more fun, set a timer and see how fast they can do it.

Alternatively, consider one of these egg-themed games from Hasbro or Buffalo Games.

Egged On by Hasbro is a roulette-style game. Players take a chance on luck and crack the bendable, plastic eggs over their heads. However, one egg is filled with water! If a player chooses that egg, he or she is out (and wet!). The last player left wins the game!

The Egg Toss Chuckle and Roar from Buffalo Games is a musical ‘eggstravaganza’! Similar to the game ‘Hot Potato’, you squeeze the plush egg to start the music. Then pass the egg to your family member, but don’t get caught when the music stops! Fun for all ages!

Even though you may be celebrating Easter at home this year, the above games, toys, crafts, and activities should make it fun!

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