As much as kids love running around, playing, and enjoying their summer vacations, they can start to lose some of the important skills they learned during the school year. eeBoo’s new educational toys will refresh kids’ memories before heading back to the classroom in the fall. 

eeBoo has products for school kids ranging from preschool through the later elementary school years. For preschoolers, eeBoo focuses on creativity, practically, and social-emotional learning. The Shark Biggies and Sketch Book ($17.99) is a shark-themed sketchbook featuring silver-striped, chunky pencils to inspire creativity while making drawing easy on little hands. The Woodland Friends Lacing Cards ($21.99) help kids practice hand-eye coordination and motor skills while helping cute little animals dress up! Adults can help kids focus on themselves using the Anytime Centering Cards ($17.99), which focus on sensory cues, deep breathing, and visualization to relax.

For gradeschoolers, eeBoo has three educational puzzles. The Alphabet Train Ready to Learn Puzzle ($21.99) helps kids learn about upper and lower case letters; the Solar System and Beyond Puzzle ($19.99) teaches kids about planets, space telescopes, space shuttles, and more; and the Human Anatomy Puzzles ($23.99) feature four puzzles exploring the different body systems! The elementary school collection also features 100 double-sided colored pencils ($29.99) for young artists, and conversation cards ($13.99) that kids can use to explore difficult topics and learn to read social cues. 

Whether kids are staying sharp for school or just like engaging their brains, eeBoo has tons of educational toys for kids to keep at their fingertips!

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Ashley Pelletier

Ashley Pelletier

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