The winter holiday season is still quite a few months away, but eeBoo is getting families excited early by announcing its lineup of holiday toys for the year.

eeBoo’s collection of winter-themed toys is designed for kids to unwind during their holiday break while keeping their minds flexible. With more than 50 pieces in the collection, each kid will be able to find something to play with!

Some highlights to the collection include winter-themed sketchbooks ($3.99) and colored pencils ($4.99) that feature illustrations of woodland creatures; woodland puzzles in 20-piece sets ($11.99) or 36-piece mini sets ($5.99) that will take kids to a winter wonderland; and a matching card game ($11.99) with matching illustrations. The collection also features a lineup of four illustrated Advent calendars ($7.99). Behind each window of the advent calendars, kids can find pictures of ornaments, ice skates, snowmen, and other winter things!

The Piece & Love collection features big puzzles for adults! | Source: eeBoo

Adults who are also looking for a screenless way to enjoy their holidays can check out the Piece & Love collection from eeBoo, which features 500- and 1000-piece puzzles featuring the 12 Days of Christmas, Ms. Santa, and other holiday themes for $23.99 each!

The eeBoo holiday toys will hit shelves starting in August. This collection is packed with toys that will help kids unplug and unwind this holiday season!

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