The holidays are all about tradition, magic, and fun. Baking cookies, exchanging gifts, and decorating the house are easy and enjoyable for the whole family to engage in when leading up to the holidays, but when it comes to toys, those are typically reserved for the big day itself—but not anymore.

Elf Magic is an awesome company that creates the only Christmas elves kids can actually play with. These adorable plush pals are simple, soft, and allow kids to engage in imaginative holiday play. Best of all, the fun doesn’t just end when kids find their elves in the mornings—these plush toys are all about fun and games that get kids in on the action.

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Elf Magic’s Christmas spirit expands far beyond just the elves: There’s also play sets, outfits, and accessories for these holiday friends. Each elf even comes with his or her very own passport (traveling all the way from the North Pole is quite the journey).

As the tradition goes: A special Elf is chosen either by Santa at the North Pole or by the child at one of the Official Elf Magic North Pole Supply Posts. Elf Magic elves are marked with a special snowflake over his or her heart. Then, the Elves journey to homes of families to spread some Christmas cheer. Elf Magic elves are not big fans of alone time, so kids are encouraged to take their elves wherever they go.

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These elves are hungry, and they have a very particular diet. Kids can feed them crackers (which remind them of crunching snow, so they don’t get homesick) and ice water (similar to melting snowflakes). And of course, kids can sprinkle their elves with the included Magic North Pole snowflakes.

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When everyone is asleep, the elves get adventurous and engage in exciting Elfcapades, such as creating snow angels in rice, mixing hot cocoa, hiding in freezers, climbing Christmas trees, or even taking late night car rides– kids never know where their elves will turn up in the morning, and finding them is lots of fun.

All Elves return to the North Pole with Santa on Christmas Eve, but of course they can return each holiday season to continue this playful tradition. They are also make surprise visits throughout the year, spending special occasions with their child, such as birthdays, or they can offer support during tough times.

Elf Magic elves add even more magic during Christmastime, while giving kids an adorable buddy to love and cuddle as the excitement builds toward Christmas Day. Families can even put their own spin on this to enjoy their time with the elves however they want, creating new traditions and family memories. With tons of accessories and classic style, Elf Magic gives families a lot to love during the holidays.

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