What do you call a baby monkey? A chimp off the old block! 🐵 Following the success of Fingerlings (last year’s TOTY Toy of the Year winner), WowWee made a bigger and more snuggly version of everyone’s favorite monkey with Fingerlings HUGS.

Meet Boris and Bella, the jumbo, huggable monkeys that respond to touch, motion, and sounds with more than 40 reactions. Boris is blue with an orange tuft of hair and Bella is pink with a yellow tuft of hair. Both are plush and velvety soft, with long and dangly arms and legs. The hands have Velcro on them so kids can fasten them around things to make it look like Fingerling HUGS are doing what they do best—giving big hugs!

Kids can also attach the monkey arms around their own bodies to wear Fingerling HUGS because monkeys make the best accessories! Wear them as a scarf or snuggle them at night to stay extra warm in the cold winter months.

While they make the perfect snuggle buddy, Fingerlings HUGS are not your average plush—they’re also interactive, just like the original Fingerlings. They say hello, whistle, hiccup, and, of course, make tons of monkey sounds. Give them a big hug to get a smooch in return—the longer the hug is, the longer the kiss will be. Tickle them to hear them giggle or shake them to make them fart. Swing them by their long arms and legs to hear them say “wheeee,” which also encourages active play because kids will want to run around with them to see the special reactions.

There’s also a touch of personalization with the recording feature. Kids can record their own voices by pressing the HUGS’ left ear and talking into it. When they let go, the HUGS will repeat what they said in a cute monkey voice so kids can role play. Monkey see, monkey do!

Their eyes have fluttering eyelids that open and close, and kids can rock them to sleep when they need a quick power nap to hear them snore, because monkeys get tired sometimes, too. When kids want to cuddle or use them as a pillow, there’s an off switch in the back so they won’t be talking all night long.

There are also a few special versions that will be available for the holidays: Kiki the glittery purple monkey, coming soon to Amazon; Kingsley the brown sloth, coming soon to Target; and Gigi the white unicorn, exclusive to Walmart (in-stores only). These monkeys will be swinging onto everyone’s wish list this holiday season!

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