The Fisher-Price 123 Crawl with Me Puppy encourages babies to get moving! | Source: Mattel

Every kid needs a dog BFF, but the Fisher-Price 123 Crawl with Me Puppy from Mattel won’t chew up any baby toys.

The little toy dog features three different stages of play to engage young babies and toddlers. Each stage includes different songs to go along with the pup’s wagging tail, with a total of more than 50. My daughter is two months shy of the intended age range of 6 months and up, but the wagging and singing definitely got her attention. (My dog, on the other hand, was a very big fan until it started moving, but she’ll be grateful for it in a few months when my daughter grabs the toy’s tail instead of hers.)

When kids are ready to get moving, they can chase after the dog and pull the sock that’s in its mouth. This causes the doggo to wiggle and wag, which should elicit some sweet baby laughs. Parents can easily access the different Smart Stages with a switch on the toy’s side. When you press the red and green buttons in Stage One, they’ll learn the colors that go along with each. Stage Two invites them to chase their new pal, while also learning numbers and the alphabet. It slowly wiggles backwards in an effort to get babies to follow. In Stage Three, they can be dogs too as they are asked to play pretend!

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Babies can get bored of toys as fast as they outgrow their clothes. The Fisher-Price 123 Crawl with Me Puppy is nice because it can grow with them and help them practice and achieve new skills. It’s trained to help kids learn new “tricks.” Think it can teach my daughter to roll over?

The toy is also nice because it’s small and compact. It can easily fit inside of a toy box, but also looks cute if it remains on display. It features brown spots, fuzzy ears, and, of course, that furry, wagging tail. The sock in its mouth features numbers and other symbols of puppy-dom.

Babies will be quick to find out that learning to crawl doesn’t have to be ruff thanks to their new BFF.

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