Creativity is in full bloom with fun flower toys, crafts, and experiments! These indoor and outdoor activities and crafts will inspire even the most novice gardeners to get planting.

Did you know that kids learn best when engaging their senses? When it comes to flowers, kids can touch and feel soil, seeds, and petals. They can see vibrant colors and smell beautiful fragrances. They can compare textures and sizes, and learn the importance of patience when waiting for a bud to bloom. These craft ideas, toys, and experiments all help to inspire a love of flowers.

Flower Power Artwork
Take a nature walk and gather some petals, buds, or blossoms right in your backyard! Use the collected items to create unique artwork. Arrange the flowers on paper and draw shapes around your finds. Do flower buds look like ears? Can you draw an animal around a stem? The possibilities are endless!

Create Shadow Art with Flowers
All you need is some sunshine and your imagination for this fun project! Have kids search for their favorite small flowers in the yard (short bulb flowers work best for this, such as daffodils or tulips). Place a sheet of paper near the flowers and see if kids can trace the shadow that the flowers make (or trace it for them if the task is challenging). Have them color their shadow pictures when you’re finished or paint them outdoors with washable paint!

Playmonster My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage Review

Create a Flowering Village
Kids can create a home for flowers thanks to My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage from PlayMonster. The Nature Cottage comes with soil and seeds to grow a real garden. Kids can use the miniature rain barrel to water their garden. An included ladybug house offers shelter for ladybugs, and there’s even a wind spinner for decor. My Fairy Garden sets are interchangeable, and you can connect them by the little plastic bridges, so kids can even create an entire fairy flower garden village!

Creative Play with Blume Dolls
You don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy the magic of Blume Dolls from Skyrocket. These dolls instantly bloom out of pretend flowerpots, like magic. Blume Dolls come packaged in a colorful plastic flowerpot. Kids can use the included mini watering can to sprinkle water on top, and watch as the doll instantly “blooms” from the pot. Also new to the world of Blume Dolls is Blume Baby Pop. Each flower pot becomes a playset with surprises to reveal. Kids can pop them open to reveal a baby or hidden accessory. Once they’ve uncovered all of the hidden surprises in store, kids can use their Blume flower pots to plant real flowers.

Splash and Play with Flowers
There’s nothing more fun on a hot day than a water table. Add a flowering twist to water fun with the Little Tikes Magic Flower Water Table. Kids can use the included watering can to pour water over the top of the flower. It will magically start to bloom! This vertical water table has four different platforms with five activities so that multiple kids can play together.

Collect Flowers in Style
This adorable flower bucket from Playmobil is the perfect beach toy, but think outside the box (or outside the bucket) and use it for your finest nature collection! The included leaf shovel is ideal for digging up dandelions or collecting your favorite flowers. When you fill the bucket with water, the included plastic flower will float!

‘Build’ a Flower Garden
This Design & Drill STEM Garden from Educational Insights helps little builders place stems, select petals, and use a kid-friendly power drill to secure them in place. The flowers then ‘bloom’ before their eyes! This set is a great way to support STEM learning, no matter what the season is. It’s a fun way to inspire a love of flowers, as well as enhance fine motor skills, increase hand-eye coordination, develop patterning, and build confidence through creative play.

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