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Carnivals and state fairs have an undeniable mark on many childhoods. The smell of fried dough wafting through the hot air, the sounds of kids screaming with joy and of bells marking winners of oversized toys, and, of course, the unmatchable happiness that comes with driving straight at your loved ones in the safest way possible.

Bumper cars are a carnival staple for a reason — they’re insanely fun! It was the kind of fun that could only happen about once a year for most, however (and that was in prepandemic times). Enter: version two of Flybar’s Bumper Car.

The ride-on toy brings the best of carnival rides to kids’ homes in an affordable way. It supports kids ages 18 months and up and up to 66 lbs, which means a variety of kids can play with it for years.

Each car features an adjustable seatbelt, anti-flat wheels, and a rubber bumper to protect furniture. It may not go as fast as a bumper car out in the wild — or as fast as it felt when you were 5 years old — but it reaches a safer speed of up to 1 mph. Kids can perform 360-degree turns and control everything with two joysticks.

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A fun addition to the bumper cars is the flashing lights along the bottom. Seeing them brought back major memories for me of summer nights with my family and I can see them igniting new memories for kids to feel nostalgic about in 20 years. These flashin’ rides also feature a 6-volt battery and come in four colors: red, blue, purple, and pink.

Bumper Cars come fully assembled, which means, parents, you can leave the toy to charge while cooking up some fried dough in the air fryer and convincing someone to let you borrow their pony for a DIY carnival. Summer might be over but the fun is just beginning!

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