This little fox plays music and games with babies. | Source: Spin Master/The Toy Insider

Has your little one hit the peekaboo phase yet? Even if they’re too young to fully grasp the concept, it’s simply mind-blowing for a baby to see someone vanish before their very eyes, only to pop out again seconds later.

Spin Master is putting its own special twist on this classic game for babies with Fox in a Box, a recent launch in GUND‘s Lil’ Luvs Collection. Babies can get in on the fun with Emory, the adorable Baby GUND fox character as he pops his fuzzy head out of the box to sing and play games.

Babies can tap anywhere to play. | Source: Spin Master

This friendly fox features two modes: song and play. Babies can tap anywhere on the soft box to coax Emory out and play simple games with him. Sometimes Emory will just peek his little head out from under the lid and sometimes he’ll pop up with excitement. When Emory goes back down into the box, the lid goes back down, too, closing the box for the next surprise. 

Fox in a Box makes a perfect first toy for babies because there is no need to push any specific buttons or do anything too complicated. As long as babies tap hard enough, the fox will react in different ways. For play mode, Emory will ask, “Can you show me how you play peekaboo?” and count every time someone taps the box to introduce babies to simple numbers. Emory will guide babies through simple interactions, saying, “I’m a clever fox, hiding away. If you tap on my box, then we can play.” Every time babies give the box a tap, Emory will react with phrases like “Hello, baby,” “Yoohoo,” and “Hip, hip, hooray”; charming sounds like giggles and snores; or songs to the tune of “Pop Goes the Weasel.” There is also a volume control feature if parents want to turn it down.

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The box is really soft and has some padding on it. Its pastel colors make it a cute addition to most nurseries. If you have any new mothers in your life, this would make an adorable gift to keep infants company in their first year.

This fuzzy fox will help create babies’ first moments of discovery as they learn how to think outside the box!

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