Funbaby Clear Glitter Unicorn | Source: Funbaby

Why should big kids have all the fun this summer?

Funboy is launching a line of inflatable pool floats for babies, called Funbaby. Each Funbaby design is based on a larger Funboy float so parents and older siblings can match the babies of the family.

Funbaby Private Jet | Source: Funbaby

The collection is starting off with three styles: the Funbaby Private Jet, the Funbaby Pink Retro Convertible, and the Funbaby Clear Glitter Unicorn. Each float features a deep, comfortable baby seat with soft leg holes and a backrest to help keep the little ones safely in place while they’re in the water. The floats also feature detachable sun shades for added sun protection and dual chambers with safety valves. Plus, the Private Jet and Pink Retro Convertible both feature a steering wheel with an integrated horn to beep at everyone in the water.

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Priced at $49 each, the Funbaby floats are designed for babies ages 1-2 and can hold up to 33 pounds. Funboy also recently launched several kiddie pools for kids ages 6 and up, as well as a Malibu Barbie collection. Get them at and prepare for a summer on the water!

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