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Looking for ways to make bathtime more bubbly? How about adding mermaids into the mix?

Bloopies Mermaids from IMC Toys can make any bathtime sesh full of splashin’ fun! Toddlers ages 18 months and up can look forward to washing up with a mermaid pal that can blow bubbles, change colors, and ignite imaginations.

There are five Bloopies Mermaids in the collection, including Flowy, Lovely, Siara, Sunny, and Sweety. Each mermaid features pearly accents, face decorations, a shimmery and textured tail, a custom tiara, and a small hole in its mouth for squirting water and blowing bubbles. For instance, the Bloopies Mermaid Sweety shows off a pretty, pink tiara; space buns; and a matching, sparkly pink tail with starfish and seashell decals. The mermaids are about 9 inches tall and are made of soft, malleable, and lightweight plastic for kids to squeeze with ease to watch the bloopin’ fun begin!

The details on their tails sparkle, shine, and change color under hot and cold water. The seashells and starfish details on Sweety’s tail change from white in cold water to yellow in hot water. Best of all, each mermaid comes with its own 2-inch, aquatic pal that can also squirt water, blow bubbles, and tag along in the Bloopies fest! Sweety’s pet friend is a sparkly purple snail.

The Bloopies Mermaids and their friends are ready to play as soon as they leave their packaging — no assembly required. All kids have to do is squeeze them, hold them underwater, and release to watch them fill up with water. Then, kids can press on their mermaid’s tummy to make it squirt water from its mouth. Kids can also fill up their mermaids and sea friends with a soap and water mixture for bubble-blowing fun!

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The Bloopies Mermaids aren’t just dolls: They also have their own YouTube show on the Kitoons YouTube channel! Kids can watch Sweety and the gang get animated on the screen and then recreate their aquatic adventures in the bath, from planning an underwater birthday party to rescuing their sea animals. Kids can use their imaginations to kick and splash like a mermaid along with their Bloopies pals.

Add some pizzazz to kids’ bathtime routines with a magical mermaid friend!

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