Funboy’s discount code “Trippy” gives buyers a $28 discount if they choose to purchase three at a time. | Source: Funboy

Every kid’s fairytale fantasy is coming to life this summer.

Funboy, known for its creative designs of everything pool– and water-related, has launched the most psychedelic sprinkler any family has seen. Get groovy and enter the forest floor with the 5-foot-tall Mushroom Sprinkler! This sprinkler has two spritzers on the top of the mushroom, so kids can get sprayed no matter where they run. It’s also designed like a bobber, so as long as the bottom is filled and weighed down by water, the mushroom will stay upright, even when kids bounce around it.

Funbaby has tons of kids’ floats and kiddie pools. | Source: Funboy

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For even more summer fun, families can check out Funboy’s kiddie pools, available in creative styles and designs, including tie-dye, Malibu Barbie, and Moroccon Dream. Funboy also recently launched a Funbaby line of pool floats for little swimmers. These luxury floats are designed to make pool time a blast. Kids can sail on the waves in a private jet or pink convertible — they even have steering wheels!

Each Mushroom Sprinkler is priced at $59 and designed for kids ages 3 and up. Parents who choose to purchase three can enter the code “Trippy” at checkout to save $28. Families can check out Funboy’s other fun pool products, including a 7 ½-foot-tall rocketship sprinkler, on

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