Funko’s new Disney games are sure to bring the magic of movies home! | Source: Funko Games

This spring, Funko is coming out with enough new games for a full Disney-themed family game night! From card games and board games to puzzles, there’s something for every little Disney fan with this new selection.

The Disney Animated game asks players to put themselves in the spot of someone making the next big Disney hit. This cooperative experience has players working together to produce five classic Disney films. Kids will have to use Heart, Focus, Inspiration, Grit, and Teamwork to make their favorite movies happen in time. For another game experience with a retro Disney twist, kids can get the new Something Wild! card game version themed around Mickey Mouse and Steamboat Willie. This fun card game is designed for players ages 6 and up, and the Steamboat Willie version comes with a collectible Funko Pop! figure.

Players can embrace their villainous side with the Disney Villains Sinister Spoons Game. The game centers iconic Disney villains such as Maleficent, Jafar, Captain Hook, and Ursula. Players will need to be ready to yell catchphrases, high-five, and race to grab spoons! If kids need a little sprinkle of Pixar with game night, Funko still has them covered. The Disney and Pixar’s Cars Launch ‘N’ Race Game takes the racecar Lightning McQueen to the track. Kids will need to be at their speediest to finish four laps before the other players.

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Funko is also ready for those families who want a more relaxed night in, maybe with some Disney movies playing in the background. The new Disney Pop! Puzzles feature favorite characters and scenes, with the Disney Encanto, Disney Alice in Wonderland, and Disney Beauty and the Beast puzzles all offering a 500-piece puzzling experience.

The new games are launching this spring, but if kids can’t wait, Funko has a selection of Disney offerings already available. Grab the Disney A Goofy Movie Game, the Disney Happiest Day Game, or the Disney Hidden Mickeys Game for a game night to get the whole family excited for Funko’s newest drops!

The new games will be available at mass retailers and the Funko Games online store this spring. Pick a favorite and get to spoon-grabbing, car-launching, or animating!

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