The FurReal Cinnamon Pony features more than 80 sounds! | Source: Hasbro

Many kids ask for ponies growing up, but a real-life pony is a little too big to fit under the Christmas tree or wrap up for a birthday. However, Hasbro is making kids’ dreams come true with the FurReal Cinnamon My Stylin’ pony. 

The 14-inch-tall, interactive pony comes in packaging that looks like a stable, which sets little equestrians’ mood for playtime from the start. When kids open up the packaging, they will find a treasure chest filled with more than 20 accessories they can use to style their new pet, including felt flowers, hoof caps, and a flower crown. 

FurReal Cinnamon Pony has more than 20 accessories to style with!

Designed for kids ages 4 and up, the pony is easy for little hands to handle. Cinnamon’s pink and tan mane and tail are easy for kids to brush and style, but she does shed a little, so kids should be gentle while they’re styling. The pony’s reins and flower crown also have plenty of prongs for kids to put flowers on while they’re dolling her up. 

When the FurReal Cinnamon Pony is show-ready, kids can start interacting with her. Once adults load in four AA batteries (not included), kids can pet and interact with the pony, and she will respond in realtime. The pony makes more than 80 sounds in response to different touches. When kids scratch her cheeks and chin, for example, Cinnamon makes noises like neighing, nickering, and kissing. But the effects go beyond sounds: Cinnamon’s cheeks light up, and she moves her ears and neck to lean into the touch. 

In night mode, Cinnamon closes her eyes and plays soothing music.

Petting the pony is not the only way to interact with her. Kids will like that the brush they use to style Cinnamon doubles as an apple they can feed her. The pony will also dance and play a 30-second clip of country-style music when kids press a button on her back. Dance parties with furry friends have never been so exciting. Cinnamon can get a little loud at times, but at the end of a long day of creativity and interactivity, kids can have a sleepover with Cinnamon by turning on her night mode using the switch on her belly. When she is in night mode, Cinnamon closes her eyes and plays relaxing music to wind kids down after a full day of play.

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Kids’ imaginations combined with Cinnamon’s interactive elements will create hours of equestrian fun! Enjoy all of the fun of having a pony with none of the mess.

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