Gabby’s Dollhouse is making its way to traditional TV! The DreamWorks series full of fun for preschoolers everywhere was originally created for Netflix, but will now air on the Nick Jr. channel.

The series features a hybrid of live-action and animated content, starring Gabby and her cat friends. Kids can follow Gabby as she goes on fantastic adventures, helps others, and learns some lessons along the way. The series stars Laila Lockhart Kraner and features a number of voice talents that kids who love cartoons will recognize. 

The series centers on Gabby and her adorable cat friends. | Source: Nick Jr. YouTube Channel

The first episode of Gabby’s Dollhouse to premiere on Nick Jr. is “Spaceship,” featuring a spaceship with a sleeping CatRat inside. Gabby and her friends will need to work together to get the ship back before Floyd can grab it! The episode will drop on Monday, May 1 at 8 p.m. EST. After this, the full first season of episodes will continue to release for three weeks, Monday through Thursday, on the channel.

Gabby’s Dollhouse prides itself on encouraging viewers to learn from mistakes and be adaptable. The show was a hit with young kids when it was first released on Netflix, and already has toys, apparel, and more for any little fan to enjoy. Catch the premiere of Gabby’s Dollhouse on linear TV this May!

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