Bossy Bear features stories about standing up for yourself. | Source: Nickelodeon

In Nickelodeon’s newest TV series, Bossy Bear, opposites attract.

Bossy Bear is overly excited and outgoing, while his best friend, Turtle, is thoughtful and introverted. Together, they take on the town of Pleasantburg, which is inspired by Koreatown. Bossy Bear is based on the book series of the same name by David Horvath, which combines South Korean and U.S. pop culture. Bossy Bear premieres on Nickelodeon on March 6 at 11 a.m. ET and PT, and will launch on Nick Jr. channels internationally later this year. 

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Each Bossy Bear episode features three stories. The first episode, “Ultimate Hype Bear/The Chrysalis Crew/Just Say No,” features stories in which Bossy’s older sister, Bissy, is anxious to meet her favorite K-Pop star, so Bossy hypes her up; Bossy and Turtle protect a fallen butterfly chrysalis; and Turtle learns to speak up for himself when Bossy wants to use his favorite toy as a soccer ball.

The first season of Bossy Bear will feature 30 episodes of antics with Bossy and Turtle. Check out the trailer below!

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