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Trivia games are perfect for friendly fun during get-togethers and Kwizniac KidzTrivia Countdown Game is a foolproof choice. Instead of breaking out ye old game board, fighting over who gets to be the blue pawn, and having to wait extra long for your turn, The Trivia Countdown Game is fast-paced, and only requires two or more players, the trivia cards, a timer, and someone to keep score.
The rules are simple: Each game card has five clues on it (in decreasing order of difficulty) and as one player reads off the clues, the other person whose turn it is has 10 seconds to correctly identify the answer after each clue. The quicker the player is able to recite the correct answer, the more points he or she will receive. For example, if the player guesses the right answer after the first clue, he or she will get 5 points, and so on.
This game is great because there are 100 cards, so it’s easy to play again and again before you start memorizing the answers, and it’s ultimately up to the players for how long they want the game to last.
The Trivia Countdown game is intended for children ages 7 to 12, but I’d say that it’s practically for all ages. Within three minutes of playing I learned that Badminton (which I also just learned how to spell) is the second most popular sport in the world (after soccer),and that “LOL” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in March 2011. I’m not sure where I’ve been for the last almost three years to not know that one, but I’m 21 years old and admittedly found myself stumped on some of the cards.

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