The Gorgeous Gifts Advent Calendar 2021 | Source: Purple Ladybug

On the first day of Christmas Purple Ladybug gave to me … a month’s worth of Gorgeous Gifts!

Advent calendars have long stood as a beloved Christmas tradition, easing the anticipation of Santa’s arrival one small treat at a time. While surely no one has ever been disappointed with candy, Purple Ladybug is giving the classic Christmas countdown a *beauteous* makeover.

The 2021 Gorgeous Gifts Advent Calendar is making all dreams of a sparkly Christmas come true. In standard advent calendar fashion, Gorgeous Gifts comes with 24 doors that each hold a surprise gift inside — but instead of the typical chocolate-filled doors, these ones contain makeup and beauty accessories. Each door is shaped differently and numbered 1-24 so that kids ages 6 and up know which door corresponds to the given day leading up to Christmas. The doors are sealed with ridges indicating where kids should open them, and the inside of each box provides detailed instructions on how to use the product of the day, as well as a Christmas-related fun fact. Kids might need a parent’s assistance when opening the doors to ensure that none of the information is torn.

The Hair Clip Christmas Bows make an adorable accessory! | Source: Purple Ladybug

I’ll try my best not to spoil any of the surprises inside, but little beauty gurus can look forward to all things glam, such as sparkly accessories (including a mini, wreath-shaped hair clip that I’ve been wearing since I opened it), make-up products like eye glitter and lip gloss, iron-on designing tools, and creative activities that range from shimmery scratch paper notes to nail polish! The fashion-forward fun doesn’t stop there, as Purple Ladybug is also offering printable activities between Dec. 1-24 available at

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This advent calendar is full of adorable treats for kids interested in beauty and fashion. At $21.99, it’s an affordable way to build excitement for Christmas. Some of the activities might require help from an adult, so parents can get in on the fabulous fun, too!

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