Kindness Club Deluxe Activity Sets: Great Outdoors (left) and Salon Day (right) | Source: Madame Alexander Doll Co./the Toy Insider

The Kindness Club gang is ready for new adventures!

This doll collection — available in three skin tones — inspires kids to be the best versions of themselves. Madame Alexander Doll Co. debuted seven dolls in the line last holiday season, and each character strives to make the world a better place through caring and respect (and having fun along the way!).

This year, Madame Alexander launched new Kindness Club sets for even more imaginative play possibilities. The Kindness Club Deluxe Activity Sets come with a 14-inch doll and themed accessories to match. Two versions are available — Great Outdoors and Salon Day — for kids ages 3 and up to take their dolls camping or to a relaxing day at the spa.

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Whether it’s for a great day outside or for some much-needed rest, each doll is dressed in a chic outfit for their respective fun activities. I have no other words to describe these dolls other than supremely exquisite. You can tell that these dolls are made from the highest quality, and they have silky hair that I can run my fingers through all day — true to giving that classic Madame Alexander feel that the company is known for. Each doll features molded, posable bodies; rooted hair; and realistic fixed eyes.

The sets each feature all of the accessories needed for engaging imaginative play. The doll in the Great Outdoors has brunette hair with a purple highlight and comes with a sleeping bag, a camp chair, a backpack, two water bottles, a puffy vest, leggings, headband, and boots. The doll in the Salon Day set is blonde and comes with hair accessories, clip-in extensions, curlers, a comb, a brush, a mirror, shampoo and gel bottles, a styling cape, a ruffled shirt, leggings, a sweater, and boots. And, if kids have other Kindness Dolls, they can play with all of their favorite dolls and mix and match accessories. 

My favorite part about these dolls is the strong message they send to kids. The dolls encourage kids to keep in touch with their emotions, teach respect, and inspire them to learn that caring and kindness toward others is always the right thing to do. These lessons are crucial as kids make emotional connections with their dolls to take that play to the next level.

The Kindness Club Deluxe Activity Sets come with everything that kids need to have a full day of play. More importantly, they are made to last — and send a message that will last even longer.

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