Kids will want to collect every baby fairy! | Source: WowWee

The Got2Glow Baby Fairy Finder is one of WowWee’s many fairy-themed virtual pet toys that’ll show kids the hidden world of fairies right within their homes. 

The Got2Glow collection features fairy-themed toys that can interact with one another. Kids can search for fully grown fairies with the Got2Glow Fairy Finder, fairy animals with the Got2Glow Fairy Pet Finder, and baby fairies with the Got2Glow Baby Fairy Finder.

Recommended for kids ages 5 and up, the Baby Fairy Finder features the classic pixelated virtual pet screen and a pink plastic shell with light-up wings. It’s portable enough, though much larger than a keychain virtual pet so it’s not one that can fit in a pocket easily. It’s also different than some other virtual pet games because the fairies don’t grow in the process. Instead, kids collect as many different fairies as they can and can even browse their collection to bring specific characters to the front of the device by selecting them from the gallery. There are more than 20 fairies to find in total, all with their own cute pixel art (personally, I was a fan of the rainbow with wings).

Finding the first fairy is easy, and kids will want to collect more right away! | Source: WowWee

The Baby Fairy Finder does not require any setup. In fact, it even includes batteries. When kids first turn on the device, it will start scanning for a nearby baby fairy. Kids can follow the on-screen directions to move the Fairy Finder around the room and eventually catch a new fairy. An arrow appears on the screen to indicate nearby fairies, and all kids have to do to catch them is press the middle of the three buttons under the screen.

Once they’ve caught a fairy, kids can reach the menu by holding down the middle button, and then browse options with the left and right buttons. Kids can also turn the sound off (for any parents that don’t want to hear constant beeps and boops in the background of a car ride). 

Kids also have the ability to feed their fairies treats and play games. The treats are a variety of pixelated foods such as candy or a slice of pie. The fairy will react more positively to foods that it likes. Unlike some other virtual pets, the baby fairies do not require food to keep them alive — so they won’t die if you don’t take care of them. 

The games are all pretty simple. “Follow the Fairy” is a straightforward memory game that asks kids to remember what direction a fairy dancing on a ball moved, and then repeat those movements using the buttons.  In “Fairy Frenzy,” kids must mash the two side buttons as many times as they can before time runs out. In “Catching Fairies,” kids need to push either the right or left button based on which way a fairy in a cloud is facing. They might not hold an older kid’s attention for all that long, but they are a nice addition to the overall experience and easy for young kids to get a hang of. 

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The Got2Glow Baby Fairy Finder is not difficult to use and makes for a fun interactive toy. It is also compatible with other Got2Glow toys, so kids can trade fairies with friends or transfer baby fairies from the Baby Fairy Finder into the larger, jar-shaped Fairy Finder. This gives kids even more ways to play if they have multiple toys from the series. 

The Got2Glow Baby Fairy Finder gives kids a peek into the world of fairies, perfect for anyone who loves all things sparkly and winged.

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