Illustrations of two Garbage Pail Kids x WWE figures | Source: The Loyal Subjects/the Toy Insider

*Ding!* We have two worthy contenders in the ring today, folks! One is a group of four legendary WWE wrestlers. The other is the Garbage Pail Kids, the iconic Topps trading card brand that launched in the ’80s, featuring gross characters who have wild names to match. But what’s this? Instead of fighting, these two brands are working together! Ladies and gentlemen, forget a match-up, we’ve got a mashup!

At the start of this month, The Loyal Subjects launched a line of figures that combine WWE and Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) for a fun, collectible collaboration. These figures are designed for kids ages 8 and up, but they will be just as much fun for tweens, teens, and even adults to collect and display.

For some background, Topps released a wave of 13 sticker cards back in 2019, each featuring a different WWE wrestler who had gotten a GPK-makeover. The cards featured an illustration of each wrestler, reimagined in the signature, cartoonish style of the Garbage Pail Kids. Each wrestler also got a new Garbage Pail Kids name, which was a pun or play on their wrestling name.

The full collection of Garbage Pails Kids x WWE figures | Source: The Loyal Subjects/the Toy Insider

The Loyal Subjects — known for its Action Vinyl, For Keeps, and BST AXN lines — recreated four of those retro cards as collectible figures. The figures range in height from 3.8 to 4.8 inches, each frozen in an action pose atop a base that features the wrestler’s GPK name. The four styles in this line are “Savage Randy” (Randy Savage), “Unraveled Warrior” (Ultimate Warrior), “Seething Steve” (Stone Cold Steve Austin), and “Gigantic Andre” (Andre the Giant). It definitely feels intentional that all four of the featured wrestlers were active in the late ’80s, when GPK first debuted.

The figures themselves depict the same cartoonish versions of the WWE legends that appeared on the 2019 trading cards, but with a significant amount of detail — including molded, textured hair and detailed paint jobs, especially in the case of Savage Randy’s jacket and hat. Avid WWE fans will find plenty of homages to the real wresters’ outfits on these figures, too — from Gigantic Andre’s single-strap unitard to the “Austin 3:16” printed on Seething Steve’s vest.

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While the figures come in colorful window boxes that are great for display, kids will likely want to get these figures out of the box and explore even more of what they have to offer. For example, each figure also has a colorful background plate that features part of the ring or something the wrestler has just smashed through. Kids can actually remove these backgrounds and — if they collect more than one figure — swap them! Two of the figures (Savage Randy and Unraveled Warrior) are posed in midair and held up by a clear, plastic pole. It’s important for kids to know that the figures do not come off of those poles, nor do the other two figures come off of their bases.

Those who know a bit about WWE and/or Garbage Pail Kids will certainly recognize and appreciate these figures right away. However, the best part of these collectibles is that they are colorful and silly enough that kids who have never heard of either brand will still find them fun!

All four figures are available to preorder now, exclusively at Walmart.

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