Halo Battle Hog UNSC Warthog | Source: NKOK

If you have any gamers in your home, you may have heard of Halo, a hugely popular franchise that was first released as a first-person shooter video game for Microsoft’s Xbox in 2001. There have been many new games, short films, and TV series since then, with storylines that combine military and science-fiction elements. Halo Infinite is the latest video game in the saga and now kids can take that high-energy action off the screen with new R/C vehicles modeled after the Warthog and Gungoose from the game.

Recommended for kids ages 6 and up, the UNSC Gungoose and the Battle Hog UNSC Warthog are two new toys from NKOK, sold separately. This Battle Hog version of the Warthog is an all-terrain, joint tactical vehicle that comes with two action figures (Master Chief and Spartan IV). The Gungoose is an armed ATV that comes with one action figure (Master Chief). Although both vehicles come with one of the same characters, the Master Chief included with the Gungoose is much larger than the other, so kids will feel like they’re getting something different even if they own both versions. The vehicles are detailed enough to make them fun even without driving them, with working headlights and the ability to place the action figures in the seats, but obviously the real excitement comes from the R/C feature.

See how the vehicles can handle rough terrain in this video! | Source: NKOK

Kids can use the remote to drive the cars either at home or out in the real world. The wheels are powerful enough to handle sidewalks or dirt terrain, even rolling over small sticks. The vehicles have a range of up to 150 feet so kids can run around like they are in the midst of a legendary battle while acting out their Halo scenarios with the supersoldier Master Chief (also known as a Spartan). The Warthog’s transmitter features a turbo boost button that makes it go crazy-fast when it needs to chase down the enemy.

Kids can swivel the weapon the the back of the Warthog. | Source: NKOK

The Warthog also has a rotating mounted turret in the back of the vehicle, so while Master Chief is driving, Spartan IV can man the weapons — it’s all about teamwork! Kids can also add their own action figures to run over or hang off the back of the cars to expand their role playing options.

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The vehicles operate at 2.4 GHz so up to 16 kids can all play at the same time if they have R/C cars. Imagine that many Halo vehicles taking over the neighborhood! Keep that in mind when you need birthday party ideas for any kids who love video games or toy cars.

The missions may change, but kids will always find a steady solider in these Spartans and their trusty R/C vehicles.

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