Kids can be just like Newt Scamander with these new Tamagotchis from Bandai Namco, raising their favorite fantastic beasts from the Harry Potter universe.

Tamagotchis are the fun virtual pet that captured kids’ hearts in the ‘90s and continue to find themselves in the pockets of kids and adults across the globe. We’ve already told you about some fun Tamagotchi collabs, like Jurassic Park Tamagotchis, Star Wars Tamagotchis (featuring everyone’s favorite baby Yoda), and Toy Story Tamagotchis. Another collaboration now joins the list, with the new Harry Potter Tamagotchi Nanos bringing even more magic to virtual pets.

The new Harry Potter Tamagotchi Nanos come in two case styles: Hogwarts Castle in blue and Magical Creatures in red. Kids will need to feed, pet, and play with their magical creatures to avoid them running away. The Tamagotchis feature four different mini games: Catch Gold, Deliver of Letter, Fly Hippogriff, and Picking a Lock. How kids interact with their Tamagotchi will determine which of the 11 magical creatures decides to appear. 

There’s even a chance kids will run into favorite characters like Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Newt Scamander, and more! And with two different play modes that let kids visit Hogwarts Castle or spend time in a magical suitcase, it’ll take a while to run out of surprises. 

The new Harry Potter Tamagotchis are available for preorder now, with an official date to hit shelves on July 18. Get the little wizard in your life a pet that doesn’t include any extra clean-up, but does have plenty of magic!


Nurture magical creatures by feeding them, petting them, and playing four different mini games at Hogwarts in Harry Potter mode or in a magical suitcase in Fantastic Beasts mode. The way kids play decides which of the 25 creatures they'll get.

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