With Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and Spidey and His Amazing Friends hitting screens, this summer is about all things Spider-Man. Hasbro’s latest collection of toys is the perfect lineup for any little web slinger.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this collection is inspired by upcoming episodes Spidey and His Amazing Friends, a Disney Junior TV show in which Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Gwen Stacy swing around New York City helping their friends! 

Each Spider person is getting some new rides in this lineup. Three sets feature 4-inch action figures ($11.99 each) of Ghost Spider and both Spider-Men that can ride motorcycles that match their iconic color schemes. Each Spidey is also getting a vehicle upgrade with the Web Spinners lineup inspired by the new season of Spidey and His Amazing Friends. Each set comes with a 4-inch scale action figure and a vehicle that the Spideys can take to save the day for $27.99 each. Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Ghost-Spider also get their own special vehicles that are unique to them: the Web Crawler, the Techno Racer, and the Ghost-Spider Copter for $16.99 each. 

Kids who don’t feel the need for speed can also play with the Web Spinners action figures, for $11.99. Each comes with a backpack, a spider, and webs. Team Spidey is also getting a surprise visit from Black Panther! The Supersized Black Panther ($11.99) is a 9-inch action figure that features a claw shield that kids can use to pose the character to fight bad guys. 

The Electronic Suit Up Spidey lights up, makes sound effects, and says phrases from the show! | Source Hasbro

The coolest action figure in the collection is definitely Electronic Suit Up Spidey, a 10-inch figure ($33.99) that features a removable mask that reveals Peter Parker’s face, two web projectiles, and more. The figure also has a light up icon on his chest and says words and phrases from the show!

Kids can set the scene for even more imaginative play with the City Blocks sets, playsets that feature each member of Team Spidey in a different building. The collection, which includes Spidey at the Pizza Parlor, Ghost-Spider at the Supermarket, and Miles Morales at the City Bank, features trap doors and other action figure fun for $11.99 each.

Kids face off against Zola in the Gear Up for Adventure pack! | Source: Hasbro

If kids aren’t getting enough Web Spinners fun, they can also play with the Gear Up for Adventure pack, which features the Spideys facing off against the villain Zola and comes with four action figures and other accessories for $33.99. 

For an even bigger boost of super fun, the Spidey and His Amazing Friends Web-Spinners Playset is more than two feet tall and features an updated Web-Quarters that is full of interactive play after Iron Man rebuilds Team Spidey’s hideout. Kids can play with the included Spidey figure, get him ready to fight bad guys, and roll out using the included Team Transport vehicle! For $129.99, the playset also lights up and makes more than 50 sounds.

Hasbro’s latest collection of Spidey and His Amazing Friends toys is chock-full of imaginative play! Some of the toys are currently available at Amazon and other major retailers, while others will hit shelves soon!

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