Fulfill the fantasy of seeing fairies take flight with new Pixies Crystal Flyers from Spin Master! Kids ages 6 and up can hatch their very own pixie from her crystal home and watch her fly with this latest addition to the Hatchimals line. 

Each fairy comes in her own sparkling crystal shell that acts as the toy’s box, holding everything kids need to help the pixie take flight. There are two pixies to choose from: Krystalina Rose and Violet Onyx. Both are fitted with tall, funky boots; an intricately designed dress; a perfectly done hairdo; and glittering wings that circle the doll. Other than their names, the only difference between the two is their color scheme — pink or purple — so kids can choose their preference for their perfect pixie. 

After hatching the pixie from the egg-shaped shell, kids will need to charge her so she can fly. A USB cord is stuck to the underside of the container, and it can plug into any wall adapter or computer to charge the pixie. The charging port can be hard to find under the doll’s wings, but it is located on her back, directly in the center and at the base of her skirt. A small light will appear under the charging port and glows until the pixie is fully charged and ready to fly.

Now, the real fun begins! To prepare for flight, kids place their pixie on the base of the egg, which also acts as a stand for the doll. Switch on the doll using the white on/off switch on the underside of the pixie’s dress, then get ready — the majestic wings will begin to spin faster and faster until your pixie takes off! It should only take about six seconds, but if the pixie appears stuck, nudge the base slightly and she will take to the air.

While in flight, the Crystal Flyer is equipped with a built-in light sensor to guide its movement. Kids can place their hands under the pixie’s feet and then raise their palms up and down to guide her flight. It can be difficult to get the hang of at first — and the pixie’s flight path can sometimes be unpredictable — but with practice, kids can keep their pixie in the air longer and begin to guide her away from furniture and other obstacles.

If she happens to hit a wall, a couch, a hand, or any other object, do not fear: Crystal Flyers have an auto-stop feature that stops their wings when anything touches them. It is recommended that kids stop the pixie by grabbing her legs. This can be tricky while she’s flying, but her wings do not hurt if kids make contact by accident. That being said, parents should always ensure that kids learn how to safely stop this toy and to step away from the toy when it first takes off to avoid a collision!

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Crystal Flyers are durable and do not break when falling or hitting objects mid-flight. Thus, they can be used over and over while kids practice their pixie flight mastery. In between flights, Crystal Flyers can be used as a traditional doll — kids can imagine her surroundings and adventures while she spends some time on the ground. 

The best part of this toy is the excitement that comes with take-off and the joy and laughter sure to ensue while trying to master control the pixie’s flight patterns. This is a versatile toy that will definitely not end up in the back of the closet after one flight. Kids can dance and twirl along with their pixie, then display her for the world to see. The sky’s the limit!

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