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Thanks to its versatility, the standard 52-card deck is always popular at family game nights. But what if kids want something different? A New York-based artist has just the answer!

Created by author and illustrator of kids’ books, Travis Nichols, Heckadeck is a 160-card deck featuring eight 16-card suits and 32 new cards. Unlike standard decks, this chaotic deck adds new ranks, suits, face cards, and other elements to open exciting new play possibilities. Nichols’ unique illustrations on the cards include acorns, clouds, arrows, planets, Beasts, Hunters, Travelers, an all-suited Watcher, and more.

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With Heckadeck’s impressive deck size, families can enjoy not only fun classics like Go Fish and War, but also 12 new Heckadeck exclusives — including both its own twists on classic game types as well as brand-new games — featured in the illustrated instructions. Even better, kids can invent their own rules!

Heckadeck is designed for games played between one to eight players ages 6 and up. Parents and kids can snatch this chaotic deck from Amazon and Chronicle Books for $19.95 starting on May 24.

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