Batman V Superman Hot Wheels Toy reviewBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is finally here, but you don’t have to sit in a movie theater to watch the crime-fighting heroes duke it out.

Mattel sets the stage for the epic battle with its Hot Wheels Batmobile City Chase play set. Built for any hero-loving Hot Wheels fanatic with a need for speed, the entire track set easily snaps together making set up quick and painless.

Once assembled, the face off is set to begin. Will Superman save the Daily Planet from getting knocked down, or will the Batmobile take them both out?

The Batmobile City Chase play set offers exciting dueling action features that will satisfy the needs of battle-hungry kids. Kids can attach Superman to the helicopter, spin the propellers, and watch as he flies into action. As Superman flies around, kids can launch the exclusive battle damaged Batmobile, and if timed perfectly, hit Superman and knock him out of the sky. If Superman doesn’t get hit, there’s still the possibility of the Batmobile knocking down The Daily Planet, meaning Superman has failed in his mission to protect it. These features are perfect for any of those who are Team Batman.

But have no fear, if you’re Team Superman, you can fight back to save the day. Kids can launch the Batmobile so that it misses Superman mid-flight. As the Batmobile comes back around the track, Superman will fly into action to knock it out of the way, right before it crashes into The Daily Planet. For additional superhero play, Superman detaches from the helicopter. Although the figure has no points of articulation, he is the perfect size for small hands, and kids will still have fun using him to fight crimes wherever they fly him to. The figure may be small, however, the attention to detail is anything but. His leg, arm, and abdominal muscles are very pronounced, as well as the dimples in his cheeks. He looks like the real guy, which makes play fighting crime that much better.

In this epic race of heroic proportions, the battle could go anyway. Kids will have fun knowing fate is in their hands.

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