Luki Lab’s House Monsters help kids face their fears! | Source: Luki Lab

There’s a monster under the bed!! Wait … it’s kind of cute!

Luki Lab’s House Monsters are the solution to late night spooks and scares. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, these adorable stuffed animals let kids finally meet the monsters that live amongst the cobwebs and crevices in their house.

There are six characters to discover, each with a fitting name, favorite food, and thing that scares them. Munchy, a fluffy blue monster with horns and a droopy tongue, lives in the fridge. He’s a big fan of chocolate cake, but is terrified of vegetables! Drowsy is a purple rectangular three-eyed monster. Her belly has a pocket shaped like a bed sheet, which is perfect for fitting her favorite food (dust bunnies, of course!) and helps her scoot away from her biggest fear: the vacuum. There’s also Bumpy, who lives in the attic, Dizzy in the dryer, Sudsy in the dishwasher, and Fluffy in the closet.

Even the packaging is on-theme! Each House Monster comes in a mini shoebox, ranging from the attic itself, to a fridge, and even a kid’s bed that opens to reveal Drowsy on an under-the-bed rug. Kids can keep the packaging and display it on its own, or use it as a box for their House Monsters to live in.

House Monsters include (from left to right) Sudsy, Munchy, Dizzy, Fluffy, Bumpy, and Drowsy. | Source: Luki Lab/the Toy Insider

I particularly like all the details that Luki Lab put on the packaging — the fridge is a “Hydemore” brand and on the side of Drowsy’s box, you can see a little monster peeking out. Included in each box are the monster’s ID badges with their address, favorite food, and biggest fear, as well as a sticker pack with all the House Monsters.

As a previously shy kid, these plush animals would have been perfect for my anxious brain. Teaching kids to be less scared of the world around them is incredibly important at such a young age — and Luki Lab does it in a compelling and charming way! House Monsters prove to kids that there’s nothing scary about the creak in the staircase on their way to the attic, or the darkness under their bed. It’s just their silly, neighborhood monster.

Not only do they work as an anti-scare tactic, but House Monsters are also great as cuddly friends! Their multieyed, buck-toothed fuzzy faces ensure that kids will want to collect them all. The monsters are smaller than I expected (about the size of my palm), making them easy to store or squish altogether onto a twin-sized bed. And for kids who are back in school, they would make great desk companions.

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Just in time for spooky season, House Monsters are lined up to be the next craze in collectible plush toys. Despite their shyness, the monsters help kids face their fears, all while disguised as a cute and furry best friend. At only $16.99, these plush beasts are the perfect stocking stuffer — which monster will you discover first?

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