IMC Toys has expanded from its typical doll category with the release of an all-new roaring fun brand called Dinobytes.

The toy company, which is known for Cry Babies nurturing dolls, is broadening its reach with the game, which has a classic battling play pattern, with the goal being to knock the opponent’s helmet off in order to win. 

There are multiple iterations of Dinobytes, the first being the individual Dinobytes. It includes Dilo, Pari, Rexy, and Carner for $9.99 each. Each Dynobyte is ready to battle each other and have helmets on. All kids have to do to go head-to-head is move its tail to rotate the head and press the button on the tail to activate a lunging chomp attack. 

There is also Dinobytes Deluxe Cannon, which at $14.99 comes with battle advantages that include a clip-on missile launcher and four projectiles. 

Finally, the line also includes Dinobytes Battle Arena for $24.99, which is the arena that comes with two exclusive Dinobytes. Kids use any of their Dinobytes in the arena, as well, but can also battle outside of it. 

The brand is available exclusively on Amazon.

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Kit Schroder

Kit Schroder

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