The many multiverses of Sonic Prime come to playtime!

Sonic Prime is a series co-produced by WildBrain and SEGA, featuring favorite Sonic characters in a whole new light, with different multiverses introducing different versions of Sonic’s famous friends. Now, thanks to Jakks Pacific, the characters spotlighted in the series are getting a new line of toys, including figures, playsets, and plush characters!

First up is the speediest bedtime buddy! The Sonic Prime Posable Plush is an impressive 13 inches tall. It will be available exclusively at Target in July for $19.99. The Angel’s Voyage Ship Playset is perfect for any little Sonic fans that are also in their pirate phase. The playset comes with a pirate ship and a figure of Knuckles the Dread. The ship has launching canons, a trap door, and wheels to roll with. It will be available this fall for $39.99.

Sonic Prime 2.5-Inch Figures Multipack — Wave 1 | Source: Jakks Pacific

The first wave of the Sonic Prime Multipack of figures is themed around New Yoke City, the dystopian, technology-filled location run by Mr. Dr. Eggman and the rest of the Chaos Council. The pack includes Rusty Rose, Tails Nine, Sonic, and the Prism Shard. The figures are also compatible with the larger Angel’s Voyage Ship Playset, so the high-tech denizens of New Yoke City can find themselves sailing the seven seas. The multipack will be available in July for $19.99.

For a fully posable figure experience, kids can get their hands on the Sonic Prime Articulated Figures. These figures have more than 12 points of articulation and the first wave includes Sonic, Mr. Dr. Eggman, Tails Nine, and Thorn Rose. Kids can get techy and dystopian with Tails Nine or experience the wild times of the jungle with Thorn Rose. The figures will be available in July for $14.99 each.

While kids wait for the release of these incredible new Sonic Prime goodies, they can rewatch their favorite episodes of the Sonic Prime series on Netflix. They can also get excited for more than just figures, as the series has a whole new season airing on July 13.

The Sonic Prime figures are racing their way to retailers this July, with the Angel’s Voyage Ship Playset coming later in the fall. Excited little Sonic fans can keep their eyes peeled at local retailers and hope for even more fun characters to play with in future waves of figures!

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