Junkbots Power Plant Playset | Source: HEXBUG

The HEXBUG Junkbots’ new Port Power Plant playset turns broken parts into riches with more than 285 pieces of factory junk fun!

This factory-themed set expands the world of Junkbots, a series of collectible toys that launched last holiday season. The idea behind this toy line is that aliens came to Earth and brought dumpsters full of trash to life as robots. The Junkbots toys come with pieces of “junk” that kids can connect to create these bots. The more pieces that they collect, the more bots they can make!

The excitement with this new playset, designed for kids ages 5 and up, starts from the moment kids open the box. They can start by pulling down pipe pieces and robot parts from anywhere along the walls or on the floor of the factory because the factory is jam-packed with hidden scraps littered all over the messy worksite! From robot parts to discarded pipe pieces, there is something new to discover behind every hidden door and compartment — parts of the instructions are even hidden within the boxes inside the playset.

Junkbots Power Plant Playset | Source: HEXBUG

Once they have uncovered enough pieces, kids can practice their building skills by using the pieces to construct new items, either by following the instructions in the manual or creating their own Junkbots or machines. For beginner builders, following the instructions for building the robots is a fun, but simpler challenge. The robots Chomp, Nessie, and Max are included within the kit. Chomp, for example, is made up of 13 pieces scattered throughout the factory. Select robots glow in the dark using the light module piece included inside the factory, which adds a fun element of interactive play!

Once kids are ready for a more difficult build, they can move on to harder projects like the forklift. Building the forklift is no small feat and will keep the builders busy for hours as they put together the different pieces and test out what fits and what doesn’t. There are a total of 27 steps in the forklift building process, which are easy to follow but will require a lot of patience for beginner builders. Many of the pieces also look similar to each other, so be careful not to force the wrong connectors together!

The fun doesn’t stop after kids are done building, though! They can engage in imaginative play with the machines and bots they build, rolling the forklift around the factory set or pretending to run their own construction site. Kids can create different personalities for each of the Junkbots, too. Then, to create even more fun for the next time, kids can disassemble their creations and hide the pieces in new places inside the factory before their next build.

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Beyond the Junkbots pieces, this set also includes a Roblox game code for gamers to take their Junkbots fun into the virtual world! They can also expand their Junkbots world by collecting more of the 60 Junkbots characters and additional playsets in the Junkbots line (sold separately).

This toy is great for kids who love science and who enjoy putting puzzles together. Although the playset is designed for grade-schoolers, older kids will also enjoy building the more complex ensembles and coming up with their own Junkbots masterpieces!

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