Jurassic World: CAPTIVZ Dominion Edition Slime Egg | Source: ToyMonster/the Toy Insider

With Jurassic World Dominion hitting theaters on June 10, Australia-based toy manufacturer ToyMonster is bringing fans across the globe a unique line of Jurassic World collectibles.

The Jurassic World: CAPTIVZ Dominion Edition collection features slime-filled eggs and more than 40 dinosaurs to collect. Kids can crack the egg and dig through the slime to reveal the mystery Jurassic World Pop N’ Lock dinosaur inside, snap the Pop N’ lock pieces together to build the dinosaur, then challenge friends to battle rounds based on their dinosaurs’ stats, like intelligence, aggression, powers, height, and weight. The bigger the dinosaur army, the better chances kids have of defeating their opponents. Kids can tally up battle points to become the ultimate CAPTIVZ champion.

Jurassic World: CAPTIVZ Dominion Edition Slime Egg | Source: ToyMonster

Each egg comes with a two-piece plastic eggshell, stretchy blue slime inspired by Biosyn Lab, a battle token, a collector battle guide, and a Pop N’ Lock dinosaur with details accurate to the Jurassic World Dominion movie — including never-before-seen dinosaur species. Collectors can also look for rare metallic dinosaurs and collector case exclusive species.

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Look for the new Jurassic World: CAPTIVZ Dominion Edition Slime Eggs in stores soon. ToyMonster is also expanding its Jurassic World range of toys and collectibles in the U.S. this year with six larger Dino Surprise CAPTIVZ eggs, the Mega Egg, the Dino Dig, and Zoom Riders.

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