Say bonjour, hola, nǐ hǎo, and hello to Kids for Culture, the company with a focus on developing global thinking in kids. 

Kids for Culture, a Black woman-owned brand, offers a collection of products that include language-boosting literature like Little Lingo: A Language Book For Kids ($12.99). This book takes basic words like “moon” and “house,” and instructs kids on the Spanish, French, and Mandarin words for the object or concept alongside stylishly simplistic illustrations.

Other products are designed with diversity and inclusion in mind, such as the Kids of the World Memory Match Game ($14.99), in which kids ages 3 and up match pairs of friends from around the world, from Japan and Brazil to the U.S., to learn about other cultures and cultivate visual memory skills. The same goes for the Kids of the World: Jumbo Puzzle ($17.99), which also offers the chance for developing minds to start considering the world in its entirety and the multitude of people who inhabit it, while honing their spatial reasoning. 

Mental health is another cornerstone of Kids for Culture products. The I’m Feeling … Emotional Literacy Flashcards help kids learn to express complex emotions that their vocabulary and experiences may not yet equip them to convey organically, while the Self Love Tee Collection ($19.99 each) gives kids a chance to see and practice self-esteem boosting affirmations, like Change the World By Being Yourself, and Self Love is the Best Love.

Bring the far corners of the globe into your kids’ world today by shopping the collection on the Kids for Culture website.

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Madison Patterson

Madison Patterson

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