The playset has multiple layers of fun. | Source: Spin Master

Even though it’s cold outside, it’s always the right sea-son to play with sand! 

Sensory-loving kids can dive deep under the sea with the new Kinetic Sand Mermaid Crystal Playset from Spin Master. Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, this set is a truly interactive experience, with multilayered levels of surprises and tactile fun.

The ocean-themed playset has seven hidden objects for kids to find. A colored diagram shows kids how to best use the playset, but it may also be fun for kids to figure out all of the hidden features for themselves. 

The adventure begins by removing the shell key from the base of the playset and inserting it into a hole to unlock the mermaid crystal lid, which opens up to reveal vibrant purple Kinetic Sand. Using the shell scoop, kids can dig through the Kinetic Sand to find a hidden clamshell mold full of pink Kinetic Sand and a mermaid key.

There are three different colors of Kinetic Sand in the playset. | Source: Spin Master

Then, flipping the playset upside down reveals a hidden treasure chest that kids can unlock with the mermaid key. Inside the chest is golden Kinetic Sand shimmer sand, as well as multiple hidden gems and pearls. 

There are plenty of ways for kids to get creative with this playset once they’ve unlocked these surprises, from rolling the shell to create patterns in the sand to using the mermaid key as a mold. Plus, with three different colors of Kinetic Sand, kids can mix them together to create a tie dye pattern.

Cleaning up from playing is very easy. The loose pieces, such as the shell scoop, click into designated spots on the playset, and the container makes for easy storage for the sand. In addition, Kinetic Sand is designed to stick together, so things won’t get too messy. Although the playset is pretty clean, I would still recommend setting down a paper towel before play to catch any loose pieces of sand.

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Since kids can move the hidden gems and pearls around, each adventure with the Mermaid Crystal Playset will be different. Plus the sand never dries out, making it perfect for countless rounds of fun.

With all of this play value available for less than $15, the Kinetic Sand Mermaid Crystal Playset is sure to entertain kids who want to dive undersea with mermaids!

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