Exploding Kittens is already well-known for its fun (and funny!) collection of games. Now, the company is introducing a new line of Kitten Games, all designed for kids ages 4 and up. Get your littlest gamer in on the family game night action with tabletop experiences made just for them!

I Want My Teeth Back is a game of strategy that isn’t too complicated for little ones. Players need to decide when they’d like to spin the wheel for a chance to collect missing teeth and be the first to get an entire mouthful.

Hurry Up Chicken Butt is bringing a little bit more active play to game night. In this twist on a hot potato game, players must complete a goofy challenge before they’re able to pass the clucking, chicken-shaped shaker. Just don’t get caught holding it when the timer runs out!

The Best Worst Ice Cream has some funny flavors not usually found in your typical ice cream shop, like pizza, eyeballs, and earthworms to make kids laugh. Based on equal parts lucky guesses and skill, both kids and adults will compete evenly for the win. Players will need to guess their way to success with this matching game if they want to fill their ice cream cone all the way to the top.

My Parents Might Be Martians will have adults talking like they’re from outer space! | Source: Exploding Kittens

My Parents Might Be Martians is a version of Exploding Kittens’ Poetry for Neanderthals, but this time for younger players. The game asks adult players to describe a mystery word with one-syllable clues. Kids will have to do their best to interpret the Martian language as they try to translate the adults’ clues and guess the correct words.

Each game is meant to make kids laugh and learn with gameplay that will help preschoolers improve decision making, creativity, and pattern recognition. The instructions are easy to learn each game has an average playtime of about 10 minutes.

These exciting new games will be available at Target on July 30, followed by a launch on the official Exploding Kittens website on Aug. 1, with prices ranging from $14.99-19.99. Pick a favorite or grab all four to add some aliens, ice cream, chickens, and monsters to the next game night!

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