What kind of plush do you get for the kid who isn’t here for cuteness? A Fuggler!

Fugglers are well-known for their ugly appearance. The fun plush are a fresh take on traditionally adorable toys, though something about their weird looks has a certain charm to it. Each Fugglers plush has a name and story, with everything from tripping into vats of acid to being discovered in a dumpster. Now, ToyMonster and Addo Play have revealed the newest Fugglers, coming for a limited time to Walmart.

The Laboratory Misfits Edition Fugglers are designed for kids ages 4 and up and include 11 new plush. The colorful new characters include Gaptooth McGoo, featuring fuzzy blue tie-dye; Indecisive Monster, featuring green tie-dye fleece; and more. 

Fugglers were originally created by Mrs. McGettrick, who found humor in the idea of individual denture teeth adorning teddy bears. The toothy toys have since grown in popularity among collectors, and have even seen partnerships with popular brands. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fugglers were released as a limited edition collection at Walmart last December. 

The new Laboratory Misfits Edition Fugglers are available at Walmart stores now, retailing for $7.97. The Annoyed Alien has also launched on Walmart’s online store, with the 10 other Laboratory Misfits planned to launch online later this month. Get the little mad scientists in your life a friend they won’t forget!


This 9-inch plush monster, available for a limited time at Walmart, has three bright eyes and a black burlap body. The signature Fuggler human-like teeth sit in its menacing mouth.

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $7.97
  • Age:
  • 4+

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