The LankyBox Giant Mystery Box contains surprises for all types of play patterns. | Source: Bonkers Toys/the Toy Insider

LankyBox is a YouTube channel starring two friends, Justin Kroma and Adam McArthur, that keeps kids captivated with animated storytelling videos, zero-budget parodies, games, and more. The channel boasts nearly 20 million subscribers and has now launched a line of toys, including a giant mystery box! 

The outside of the mystery box. | Source: Bonkers Toys

The LankyBox Giant Mystery Box from Bonkers Toys is, well, a giant mystery box, full of blind-box surprises fans will recognize from LankyBox YouTube videos. The box contains seven mystery bags, each with a different surprise inside. Kids will discover two sensory toys — a pop-it with Boxy’s face in the center and a mystery squishy character, such as Thicc Shark. There are also two mystery figures that kids will recognize from the YouTube channel, such as Rocky or Boxy, and themed stickers.

The mystery box and some possible surprises to find inside | Source: Bonkers Toys

There are two larger surprises to unbox: a super-cute Ghosty plushie that glows in the dark and a Sticky n’ Canny pop-up surprise. Kids can enhance Ghosty’s nighttime glow by leaving it out of the toy box and exposing it to the sun. After twisting off Canny’s top, Sticky pops right out of the can for a fun scare. Kids will laugh as they watch friends and family jump from the surprise of opening Sticky n’ Canny! 

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Before kids even get to the toys, the mystery box itself has many uses. Designed to look like a cardboard box that’s been taped shut, the box has a cut-out so kids can wear it for Boxy or Foxy role play. They can also use it to store toys.

Kids will be excited to unbox the blind bags to discover exactly which surprise character figures, squishy, and stickers are inside. The variety of toys included ensures that kids will always have a LankyBox friend to keep them entertained, and parents will appreciate their kids spending time away from the screen, while still being able to enjoy their favorite YouTube channel.

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