This micro treasure chest is packed with royal-themed surprises! | Source: Bonkers Toys

I knight thee, Sir Ryan’s World of the Micro Royal Treasure Chest!

Ryan’s World is ready for a royally good time with one of Bonkers Toys‘ newest unboxing sets for kids ages 3 and up. Inspired by the popular kid Youtuber Ryan, this collectible chest is a smaller and more budget-friendly version of the Ryan’s World Royal Treasure Chest that launched last year.

The Micro Royal Treasure Chest may give off some high-seas vibes, but the theme of this playset is more medieval castle than pirates. Think: dragons, kings, and castles!

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The chest is simple to open — unlatch the red gem on the front and swing open the lid. Inside, young royals will discover a variety of surprises, including sensory toys, role-play items, and collectible figures that all align with the chest’s theme. Most of these items are hidden inside golden, Ryan’s World-branded pouches. (Because what kind of a treasure chest doesn’t have gold?) This helps extend the unboxing experience to make it part of play.

The contents of the Ryan’s World Royal Micro Treasure Chest | Source: Bonkers Toys

To be a bit more specific, kids will discover a resealable container of putty, a fidget spinner with crown-inspired spikes, a wearable medal featuring King Ryan, and a foam play sword. As for the figures, there are four — including Sir Ryan and King Ryan — and a “mystery vehicle,” which is a dragon on wheels that the figures can stand inside.

While all of these items are fairly straightforward, they do offer a wide variety of play patterns to keep kids engaged and using their imaginations as they craft royal adventures for themselves and the Ryan’s World characters. They are also well-crafted: The fidget spinner has a very smooth, quiet, and extended spin, while the foam sword is the perfect size for small hands, stable enough to handle serious pretend battles, and soft enough that even a full-force whack won’t do any damage to its target.

Once playtime is over, all of these components store nicely back inside the micro chest, which is sturdy, but doesn’t take up too much space. Overall, this chest — which is available exclusively at Walmart — is sure to be a hit with Ryan’s World fans and wanna-be knights alike!

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