Who has two arms and is ready to sing about eight arms? Laurie Berkner!

Laurie Berkner is well-known for her catchy tunes that cover everything from Halloween witches to adorable bumblebees. Now, a new animal is joining The Laurie Berkner Band with Onyx the Octopus ready to help teach counting, octopus facts, and even the word cephalopod. The new single from Laurie is out now for all the kids who dream of diving deep into the ocean.

The “Onyx the Octopus” single is on YouTube and other music platforms. | Source: The Laurie Berkner Band

In “Onyx the Octopus,” Laurie sings fun octopus facts like how “Onyx the Octopus has nine brains and three hearts.” Kids can count along as Laurie sings about all eight of Onyx’s arms. Onyx’s arms can shake, run, straighten, bend, and, best of all, hug.

For even more musical magic, kids can find Laurie Berkner’s 15 albums of fun music. Laurie has been singing for more than 25 years, and has songs about dinosaurs, rocket ships, and more.

The new “Onyx the Octopus” single is out now and available on Apple Music, Spotify, The Laurie Berkner Band website, and other music platforms. Take a trip with Laurie into the ocean and meet what is sure to be every kid’s favorite creature!

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