In the springtime, cars get covered in mud, pollen, and all sorts of other gross things, which means it’s time for a car wash!

Kids love helping clean up their adults’ cars, especially when it involves playing with the water and the soap suds, so Laurie Berkner’s latest single, “Wash It,” is all about the car wash. The song was even inspired by a fan!

Laurie Berkner has been making kids music for more than 25 years! | Source: Two Tomatoes Records

 “At the height of the pandemic, when I was doing one of my live ‘Berkner Break’ online concerts, I received a comment from a fan asking for a song about washing vehicles since their son just loved washing cars and trucks,” Berkner says. “I thought it was a great idea but forgot about it until the end of last year when I suddenly recalled the request and was inspired to write ‘Wash It.'”

In the song, Laurie drives her car, truck, and bus through the mud, then they have to be cleaned! Laurie pulls out a hose and gets cleaning to ‘60s-inspired music.

“Wash It” is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Car washes have never been more fun!

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