Yes, yes, playtime!

Just as quickly as toddlers start moving, they start grooving and dancing along to melodies. The CoComelon Tiny Tunes Music Melon from eKids takes this natural love of music and turns it into a party for the whole family. Even if kids aren’t quite old enough to sing, they can jam along with their favorite CoComelon tunes.

This adorable melon-shaped music box comes with six plastic figures, which play a tune when kids place them on top of Chase. Toddlers can choose between “Wheels on the Bus,” “Yes Yes Bedtime,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “Baa Baa Black Sheep,” “Yes Yes Vegetables,” and “Hickory Dickory Dok.” If your toddler is anything like mine, you’ll hear each one in a span of 20 seconds — but that’s all part of the fun!

Something I didn’t expect was to be able to watch my daughter learn cause and effect in real-time. When she placed the figure onto the melon she got to dance but when she took it back off the music suddenly stopped (which was met with an “uh-oh” from her). After a few times of off-and-on, she understood that if she wanted to boogie oogie oogie, it was time to leave the figure alone. Does she remember this lesson every time she plays? Of course not, but it’s a good way to keep her constantly learning. She also figured out early on that she could make big noises with the real-working microphone. This is probably a good time to mention that you can control the volume.

Another reason I like this Music Melon is that it’s easy for a small child who needs to carry everything everywhere to do so (… is that just my kid?). It’s compact enough for little hands to pick up and place (and replace) all over their toy room. The accessories are also small and easily able to be stored when playtime is over, but big enough to not pose a choking hazard. 

There’s a melon reasons to love this new toy! | Source: ekids

Speaking of post-playtime, this musical little fruit can also be used as part of kids’ nighttime routine! It features calming melodies and white noise that parents can put on either a 30-minute or one-hour sleep timer. The songs are played without lyrics, to induce maximum sleepiness for the tot who has been playing all day. It also emits a light glow that’s enough to help parents see where they’re placing their little ones in their crib, without it being a distraction for the sleepy kids. If parents prefer, they can turn this light off with the sound still going.

Karaoke with a toddler is remarkably a lot like karaoke nights in your early 20s — it’s pure chaos and someone might cry, but you’ll have a whole lot of fun. Happy dancing!


This musical toy for toddlers includes six magnetic musical activators that each play a different song when kids place them on the platform. Toddlers can sing along to their favorite CoComelon songs using the included wired microphone. When playtime is over, it doubles as a night light and has a timer to play built-in lullabies…

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