Kids can have an out-of-this-world magical adventure with the Magic Adventures Telescope from LeapFrog! Although a toy, this telescope is meant to emulate the real deal with its design and functionality.

Budding astronomers, ages five and up, can see the stars or nature through the 2.4-inch digital color screen — and learn more than 650 facts about the solar system, the Moon, star life cycles, constellations, and other space discoveries!

This toy offers out-of-this-world learning! | Source: LeapFrog

With the 110x zoom magnification and the built-in camera, kids can also snap pics of what they discover in the sky and in their backyard. The telescope can store about 100 images — or parents can purchase a microSD card for more photo storage.

The swivel base means they can rotate the telescope in any direction, whether up or down, left or right, or all around, so they can capture almost anything they see! Or pop off the tripod and use the telescope without the legs on a tabletop.

Kids will gravitate to the many ways of play! Source: LeapFrog

Alternatively, kids can look at more than 100 images and videos from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Kids do not have to look through an eyepiece or viewfinder to view the content, which is especially great for astronomers-to-be who may have sensory issues.

What makes this telescope also shine is that it also offers prompted learning. There is audio feedback, which lets kids follow along, get verbal information, and learn visually. There are also 20 collectible Cosmic Cards featuring detailed images of objects in space and cool facts on the back for kids to use anytime. Parents will especially appreciate that the cards also have a convenient storage box! The Cosmic Quiz also tests knowledge of outer space, including the planets, the Moon, constellations, and more.

Games are a great way to have fun while learning simultaneously, and LeapFrog does not disappoint. Kids can hop in a spacecraft and travel to different locations in the solar system to power satellites and reboot robots as a great way to play and learn. However, parents should note that the telescope has demo batteries included, but grownups should provide four new AA batteries for regular use.

If you’re looking for a homeschooling tool, parents looking for an alternative way to teach, or kids looking for an entertaining but educational toy to foster their love of space — who knows what the future has in star, but this LeapFrog Magic Adventures Telescope is an affordable way to help them get in the ozone!


Kids can look through the digital telescope at up to 110-times magnification to explore the world around them, check out more than 100 NASA videos and images, and play games on the 2.4-inch screen. 5+

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