The LeapFrog Magic Adventures Microscope comes complete with eight reusable smart slides. | Source: LeapFrog

The line between science and magic is often a blurry one. That’s because both are arguably very fun and very cool (most of the time!). Muggles and wizards alike can agree that the fun comes from the mystery, but digging into the facts behind the mysteries often provides a new adventure of its own.

Kids can explore tiny worlds and learn answers to life’s big questions with the Magic Adventures Microscope from LeapFrog. It features eight double-sided smart slides that magically (or scientifically) play educational videos and photos from BBC on the 2.4-inch screen. The videos and images explore topics that include flowers, animals, food, and minerals. Kids can get a very close look at what exactly these things are.

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Of course, the microscope really functions as an *actual microscope* and includes up to 200-times magnification. Kids can grab anything they’d like to see up close and put it underneath. They can pluck big sister’s hair (with permission!) and a piece of their pup’s fur to compare the difference or put a leaf under to really do some STEM learning. Everything becomes magical as they learn what it looks like up close and see what things are really made of.

Kids can use the Magic Adventures Microscope to watch educational videos from BBC. | Source: LeapFrog

When they get bored of finding random things and analyzing them (as if that’s possible), kids can test their knowledge with the What’s This? quiz game. There are also four action-packed games that include 24 levels.

The Magic Adventures Microscope is a great option for after school or during school breaks. The magic is in the educational value that this toy brings!

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