Lego DimensionsBreak out your magic wands, LEGO Dimensions is going to Hogwarts (and lots of other cool places).

Beginning later this  year, LEGO Dimensions will journey into new magical worlds and universes with 16 new expansion packs. Originally launched last year from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games, and The LEGO Group, LEGO Dimensions is a toys-to-life video game that lets kids build minifigures and vehicles, place them on the gateway, and watch them come to life on-screen. The game already features popular characters from TV series and movies, such as Batman, the Wizard of Oz, the Simpsons, Lord of the Rings, and more.

Later this year and early next year, players can journey into the wizarding world of Harry Potter with Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them expansion packs. Additional packs include The Lego Batman Movie, Teen Titans Go!, Ghostbusters, Powerpuff Girls, and more. Even classic properties like The Goonies, Beetlejuice, and E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial will make their way to the video game lineup.

All of these new additions allow players to enhance their Lego Dimensions experience by mixing and matching their favorite characters and universes on-screen. The expansion packs will release in waves throughout this year and next year.

Gameplay also expands with Battle Arenas, a split-screen, local four-player competitive game mode. The minifigures included in waves six through nine will all come with golden Toy Tags, which unlock a Battle Arena within the Free Play Adventure World that corresponds to the entertainment brand to which that minifigure belongs. Each Battle Arena has four different gameplay modes and comes with its own traps, special powers, and interactive environments that make every battle arena unique.

PLUS, new Story Packs will provide deep, story-driven gameplay and include a fresh LEGO brick-building experience. Story Packs for Ghostbusters and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them give kids new puzzle-packed levels to play in LEGO Dimensions and will launch this year. Story Packs also expand the Starter Pack story with deeper gameplay. In the game’s story line, the evil Lord Vortech has hidden portions of his powers around the LEGO Multiverse. As players progress through Story Pack levels, they can unearth and tap into Keystone Runes to use Lord Vortech’s powers against him through new Toy Pad modes.

Best of all, all of the new expansion packs are compatible with the existing LEGO Toy Pad, meaning kids don’t need to purchase a new Starter Pack to enjoy all of the new expansions.

Look out for the first release on September 27 ,which includes the Ghostbusters, Adventure Time, and Mission: Impossible Level Packs; Harry Potter and Adventure Time Team Packs; and The A-Team Fun Pack.

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Steven Vega