Building the flower bouquet | Source: LEGO

Flowers never go out of style — but they do wither and fade with time. So, how do you preserve these fleeting beauties for years to come? With LEGOs, of course! LEGO gives flowers a brilliant brick makeover through its buildable bouquet set, designed for teens and adult collectors alike.

The bouquet stands about 15 inches tall with six flowers included in the set: roses, snapdragons, lavender, asters, daisies, and California poppies. LEGO Designers Anderson Grubb and Astrid Sundorf Christensen gave each flower its own dynamic brick component and color. For instance, the roses and poppies have curved outer petals that you can adjust, depending on how much you would like the flower to bloom. The snapdragons and asters feature three petal styles with multicolor hues and sizes to resemble their real-life counterparts.

LEGO Flower Bouquet | Source: LEGO

Each flower is composed of a varying number of LEGO bricks, depending on its complexity. For example, of the 756 total pieces, you use 117 to construct the lavender flowers, as they feature detailed elements such as stems, stalks, and leaves. The flowers also attach to their own respective stems, which can be pulled apart and recombined to help adjust the height and shape of the flowers to fit your display needs. While these blocky petals aren’t as flexible as real flowers, they never lose their form or shape, making the bouquet as close to picture-perfect as possible.

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The LEGO Flower Bouquet is art in itself, but fans really breathe life into the assortment through their own arrangement and how they choose to display and present the built flowers. Whether you set the flowers in a funky vase, flaunt it as a centerpiece for the coffee tables, or give it away as a graduation present, the options for this bouquet are versatile, fun, and appropriate for any occasion! 

LEGO Flower Bouquet as home decor | Source: LEGO

If builders choose to go the conventional route and display the flowers inside a vase or other container, I recommend weighing down the bottom of the stems to keep the flowers upright. The petals themselves are composed of many pieces and may weigh down the arrangement, so it’s best to stabilize the display by securing some parts with a clip or rubber band. Also, it may be a good idea to arrange the roses and asters separately, seeing as they’re the heavier and more intricate LEGO flowers, thus needing more space to stay vertical.

The LEGO Flower Bouquet also comes with a full-color, detailed construction manual to help guide builders through the arrangement process. It includes step-by-step instructions, a description of each flower, along with the designers’ backgrounds. For a preview of the set, check out the manual here.

Let your inner florist and brick artist bloom with LEGO’s buildable, botanical set!

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