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What goes best with glitter? A glimmering smile, of course!

Both are coming together to help kids cultivate a sense of serenity and style with the MoodJoy Stellar Stardust Mood Board Decor Set from Horizon Group USA. This kit helps kids ages 8 and up create a mindful space for positive reinforcement, reflection, and self-expression through decorative fun.

The set includes a 10-by-8-inch, rainbow-shaped corkboard that kids can use to display the included fabric strips, punch-out sheets, and die-cut shapes. Kids can also pin other personal keepsakes — such as photos and ticket stubs — on the board and decorate them with the provided accessories, including 60 adhesive gemstones to glitz up their goods. Parents can easily mount the board on a wall by sliding nails or screws into the keyhole slots on the back.

Contents of MoodJoy Stellar Stardust Mood Board Decor Set | Source: Horizon Group USA

The kit includes 10 push pins to help secure loose accessories to the corkboard, which has two long, open slits at the bottom to tie the included fabrics, such as pom cording, sequin trims, satin strips, and elastic cording with a tiny spool of yarn. The pom cording and sequin trims come in sets of two, while the set includes 10 satin strips.

The set also carries three small quartz crystals that kids can tie together to form a bracelet using the yarn or elastic cord. Quartz is sometimes recognized for its healing and purifying properties, so kids who need a bit of a zen boost can channel its energy by wearing it around their wrist or hanging it next to a positive affirmation cutout on the corkboard for good luck.

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The cutouts display cute, compassionate messages such as “be good, do good, “after the rain comes a rainbow,” and “you got this.” My personal favorite is “feel the feels,” because it’s always important for us to stay in-tune to our emotional needs! To add to the ambiance, the stellar stardust set also comes with a 2-ounce bottle of vanilla cupcake-scented sage spray for kids to spritz when they need to smile.

The MoodJoy Stellar Stardust Mood Board Decor Set is a toy that doubles as kid-friendly home decor, with all the customizing, calming, and cleansing energy tweens need in their space!

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